Ardelle Holden

A Person of Interest

Tired and soaked to the skin, Samantha climbed the stairs to her friend’s apartment.  The door stood ajar, which was curious.  Siobhan should have been at work.  When Samantha peered in, she could just see the outline of two ominous figures skulking in the gloom.  She gasped and slammed the door shut.  Their muffled shouts were lost in her screams as she flew down the stairs into the howling rain.
Suppressing her fears, and doubts, she accepts the proffered hand of a handsome stranger, Ben, and they disappear into the bitter night. Can Ben be trusted? He’s charming, personable and persuasive, but then again, so was Ted Bundy.
Samantha has escaped with her life, Or has she? The victim of a brutal murder has been discovered!
The police want her arrested, thugs want her dead, and Ben wants her.

212 printed pages
Original publication



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