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Tom Whistler

How to Grow Marijuana

This book contains a step-by-step guide on how to grow top-quality weed outdoors. Growing weed indoors has been a practice in the past decades. With weed being accepted by the mainstream market however, it is now possible for us, with the proper permits, to grow it in our backyards.

With this book, you will learn

the basic needs of the marijuana plantwhat makes the marijuana plant special and why it is worth growingabout its life cycle and how you can manipulate this lifecycle in your goal to grow top-quality weed

We will also learn

how you can get seedshow you can start your farmhow to harvest, dry and cure weed

This book is all you need to start farming weed. Grab your personal copy of this book and start growing your own weed today!
61 printed pages
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Tom Whistler
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