Full Of Life, Ashirvad Lobo, Hans Horlings
Ashirvad Lobo,Hans Horlings

Full Of Life

«Read this exceptional book by Hans Horlings and Ashirvad Lobo to discover your path to Health, Happiness and Success.» — Marshall Goldsmith, author of  "Triggers", “Mojo” and «What Got You Here Won't Get You There”
Are you living the life of your dreams? Do you use all your strengths and abilities? Are you motivated and engaged? Or do you feel down during the week and look forward to the weekend, holidays and retirement. Do you spend almost half of your time awake doing stuff you do not really enjoy?
«Full of Life” is the ultimate guide to living a full and fulfilling life — each day. It is all about making the right decisions and enjoying the journey of a lifetime. Through real-life stories and practical tools, you will understand who you are, what you want and how you get there.
Read this book to:
— Become more self-aware about your mindset, personality, strengths, and talents.
— Go on a journey to discover your deeper purpose, meaning, and motivation.
— Build the courage, energy and focus to act on your plan and reach your goals.
— Use the full of life model to analyze and continuously improve the balance in your life.

First «Love what you do”
Then «Do what you love”
To "Get the most out of life”

«This is a wonderful, inspiring book, full of great ideas you can use to live a  wonderful life,  achieve your goals, and achieve more than ever before.”  — Brian Tracy, International bestselling author of 70 books
286 printed pages
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