Catherine L.Osornio,I.M.Lerner

The Hidden Entrance

On a hunch, he pressed down on the ledge, first on 'Hubris' and then on 'Nemesis.'
The click-clackety sound of moving gears creaked loudly on the other side of the wall.
Slowly the bookshelf slid aside, revealing a dark hallway.

After spending the summer discovering the Under the Staircase Society, Nate, Maya, and Maggie are finally back at school. But while Nate would be happy puttering in his workshop and tinkering with his 3D printer, he can't stand by as their beloved Apprenticeship Program comes under attack. The discovery of The Road to Serfdom sparks a chain of events they could never have expected. From Cipher Wheels to Cicero, secret desks to hidden passages, the kids must solve the mystery…before it's too late!

Under the Staircase® Books
A mystery and adventure series that teaches treasured values: personal responsibility, individual liberty, and economic freedom.

Psst! Parents & Teachers: The second book in the series introduces a variety of Friedrich Hayek's economic concepts-individualism and collectivism, the knowledge problem, The Fatal Conceit, and other topics-using examples from kids' day-to-day lives in school, with friends, and in familiar situations. Explore Under the Staircase at
111 printed pages
Original publication


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