Ring Lardner

Alibii Ike & Other Short Stories

One of Lardner’s celebrated stories is Alibi Ike first published in 1915 in the Saturday Evening Post. The author in this short tale follows the career of a funnily strong-headed baseball player who is always ready to give farcical alibis for his failures as well as laughable reasons for his victories. Alibi Ike is only the nickname given to the protagonist Frank X. Farrell. When the story was successfully adapted to cinema in 1935, Alibi became one of America’s popular comic figures. Thanks to Alibi, to Jack Keefe and to many other heroes of his, Ring Lardner became remembered as one of America’s greatest satirists. Other storeis in this collection are; Harmony, Horseshoes, My Roomy, The Golden Honeymoon, Treat ‘em Rough
204 printed pages

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