Patrick N. Peerson

First 100 Numbers

First 100 Numbers is a magnificent publishing which is directed towards learning habits of the toddlers and kids to teach them about counting without any sort of trouble. With our most impressive and modern First 100 Numbers Color Shapes, there are many colorful images and shapes involved to captivate the children and make them learn mathematics with great influence.
• Features :
• First 100 Numbers make it thoroughly convenient and easy process to learn the numbers and counting aspects for the kids and all of it is there because of a unique and simplified edition of First 100 Numbers Book.
• First 100 Numbers Color Shapes feature a lot of captivating images and photographs which are highly engaging to persuade the kids and keep them intact with learning for a long time span.
• First 100 Numbers Book is made up of tough board pages to make it ideal for hours and hours of learning and with that, the cover is smoothly padded so that managing and handling can be sought without a trouble
• First 100 Numbers Toddler comes with a lot of additional pages and images which are in an ample quantity for the teachers and learners to provide a fair chance of learning up to a great extent.
• First 100 Numbers Reading is available at an affordable rate for all and sundry and learning perspective are thoroughly swift & effective.
Patrick N. Peerson
Funny Learn Play Team
26 printed pages
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