Bob Fetherolf

The Guitar Story

The Guitar Story is an in depth look of the evolution of the guitar, but it is not an attempt to include everything about the guitar or about every guitar ever made. This is the short story. It's just the most important stuff. I have stripped the fine print, educated guess work and in endless analysis down to the known facts. Its a fascinating look at the guitar craze from beginning to present day and even includes information about the varieties of modern guitars available, how they work and the specialty woods that are used in their construction. Also included are biographies of the greatest guitarists from Rock to Bach, electric, acoustic, classical, flamenco and finally a fun facts section as well. A fun read for all. You do not need to be a guitarist to appreciate and enjoy this book. It's an intriguing read for people interested in music history as well as a real page turner for current and future rock guitar gods. Included as well are some legendary and unforgettable stories that you will never forget.

* Did you know that the legendary 18th century violin maker Antonio Stradivarius also made guitars?.

* Did you know one of the first electric guitars was called a “Frying Pan” guitar because it looked like a …drum roll please….you got it. A Frying Pan!

* Rolling Stone Magazine once asked Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards what the craziest thing he ever did was. Read “THE GUITAR STORY” and you won't believe the answer!

* Do you want to buy a guitar but don't know which one to choose? Read on !
265 printed pages


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