Paddy Griffith

French Napoleonic Infantry Tactics 1792?1815

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Bonaparte's Grande Armée, one of the most renowned battle-winning machines in history, evolved from a merging of the professional army of the Ancien Régime and the volunteers and conscripts of the Revolutionary levée en masse — although the contribution of the former is often underestimated. A leading authority on the history of tactics draws here on original drill manuals and later writings to explain how the French infantry of 1792–1815 were organized for fire and movement on the battlefield. Illustrated with clear diagrams and relevant paintings and prints, and specially prepared colour plates, this text brings the tactical aspects of eight battles vividly to life.
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    German Barretohas quotedlast year
    seems to be a recurrent phenomenon throughout history when national leaders who have registered a few early successes later develop ever thicker fingers, while looking at ever smaller maps of the world.
    German Barretohas quotedlast year
    The secret of the French success surely lay in the fact that they possessed the cohesion and resilience to adopt whatever tactical arrangements they chose, even in the heat of battle.
    German Barretohas quotedlast year
    To the present author, it seems that tactical flexibility of this order, unavailable to the armies of the early 1790s, was the hard-earned result of 15 years’ combat experience, training and drilling.

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