Charlotte E.English

Modern Magick, Volume 3

The Society for Magickal Heritage’s best agents are heading back into paradise. Giddy Gods help them all.

No one ever said heroic adventure would be easy, but this is ridiculous.

Magickal wonderlands aren’t meant to have a dark side. Heroes aren’t meant to get stranded there, either.

Ves may be up for anything, but she hadn’t expected that pretty much anything would be up for her.

And with a horde of unhappy spirits enjoying a direct line to Zareen’s psyche, it’s lucky she’s unbreakable… right?

Mysteries deepen and madness abounds in three more Modern Magick adventures: The Wonders of Vale, The Heart of Hyndorin, and Alchemy and Argent.
433 printed pages
Original publication
Frouse Books



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