Jenn Granneman,Jenn Granneman

The Secret Lives of Introverts

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Jenn Granneman is the creator of, with 800,000 page views per month and 200,000 visits per month. It has 47,000 Facebook likes, 16,000 followers on Twitter, and 10,000 email subscribers.
The topic of introversion is a rising trend. Content on various forms of social media have gone viral: Susan Cain's TED talk “The Power of Introverts” has over 14 million views; YouTube's “15 Things Introverts Want You to Know” has 3.8 million views; Huffington Post and Buzzfeed post regularly about introversion. Susan Cain's Quiet is also a New York Times bestseller.
The book offers a unique angle on the topic of introversion--an invitation into the world of introverts, with tips at the end of every chapter for extroverts who want to know how their introvert friends and partners think and live. Most books about introversion focus on self-promotion instead.
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    Ronald Honartohas quoted3 years ago
    overthinking usually involves two destructive thought patterns: ruminating and worrying. Ruminating is when you rehash the past (“I shouldn’t have said that”), while worrying is when you make negative, often catastrophic, predictions about the future (“I’m going to embarrass myself on the date”).
    Ronald Honartohas quoted3 years ago
    If we don’t answer your text, email, or Facebook message right away, don’t think we’re ignoring you. We might want to think for a while about how we’ll respond. I often read messages and don’t answer right away because I want to think of the best way to answer. Or we may be in introvert recharge mode—no people, no messaging, no phone. For our own mental sanity, sometimes we need to completely disconnect from people in every way.
    Ronald Honartohas quoted3 years ago
    We may not call or text you as much as your extroverted friends. That doesn’t mean we’re not thinking about you. On the contrary, you probably float through our busy mind quite a bit when we’re apart. But we know we’ll soon see each other again, and we’d rather catch up in a way that’s meaningful—in person, over coffee, one-on-one.

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