Jackie VanderLinden

The Great Canadian Woman – She is Strong and Free II

In a world that is ever changing, there is one thing I know for sure — when womxn join hands to collaborate, great things are born. This book is a beautiful example of just that. Sometimes we need to break so we can rebuild. In the chapters of this book, these great Canadian womxn show you how to do just that; through their intense vulnerability, massive strength, immense courage and endless perseverance.If you know any of these authors personally, you are in good company. Even if you don't, I have no doubt you will see yourself in these pages, for the Great Canadian Woman™ truly is every womxn. She is overcoming trauma. She is coming to terms with her intuition. She is changing careers and finding a new path. She is grieving while raising her children. She is overcoming racial injustices. She is removing mental health stigmas. She is finding her joy. She is raw and real. She is a light in the darkness. She falls down, she stumbles and she rises up by sharing her story and speaking her truth. She is Strong. She is Free. She is me. She is you.

Rebekah Jane Mersereau
Peggy BIrr
Liz Pracsovics
Lindsy Anderson
Jessica Danford
Janice Gladue
Amanda Stewart
Cindy Goch
Emily Murcar
Erin Montgomery
Sarah Vaill-Ciano
Jane Middlehurst
Koa Hughes
Lisa Di Domenico
Trisha Doharty
Kimberly Davis
Marny Williams-Balodis
348 printed pages
Original publication



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