Anna Buchan

The Collected Novels

Musaicum Books presents to you this meticulously edited O. Douglas collection.
“Olivia in India” — Olivia, a young Scotswoman, takes a trip to India to visit her brother, who is a civil servant. Through her letters, we follow Olivia's ocean voyage to India, her stay in Calcutta, and her visits to outlying posts.
“The Setons” is a tale of a Scottish clergyman and his family, cheerful and diligent in their faith. The heroine is Elizabeth Seton, clever and hard-working daughter of a Scottish minister whose happiness gets upset by the beginning of the Great War. Her loved ones go off to fight and Elizabeth faces the concerns about losing friends, while her father struggles to provide the support for women in their community who are losing their husbands, brothers and sons.
“Penny Plain” — The impoverished Jardine family of siblings lives in a small town of Priorsford, Scotland. Their heroine is Jean, the oldest one at 23, who looks after her three younger brothers. Their situation changes when a wealthy and sophisticated lady from London names Pamela moves nearby and makes acquaintance with the Jardins. Pamela has an eligible younger brother who takes an interest to Jean.
“Ann and Her Mother” — Ann's mother, Ann, and their long-serving servant, reminisce about family life in the past. The mother's story starts with a youthful marriage in the Borders, followed by raising six children while being a busy minister's wife first in Fife and then in Glasgow.
“Pink Sugar” — After spending past 20 years travelling around the world with her glamorous stepmother, Kirsty Gilmour, a 30 years old Scottish woman goes back to Scotland. Her stepmother has died and left her with a decent amount of money and the freedom to do what she pleases for the first time in her life. She chooses to buy a cottage in a small Scottish village and she decides to share it with other people as she desires to “live for others”.
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