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Tazkiyah, self-development, lies at the core of Islamic life. Success in this life and the next depends very much on it. There are many works in Islamic literature on the subject of self-development, written from a variety of angles. This anthology has been compiled to meet the need for self-development from an authentic Islamic perspective.
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    Mauroof Hussainhas quoted2 years ago
    -development as understood by mystics and Sufis signifies self-purification from all bad traits and habits and devotion to the worship of God, cutting oneself off from worldly affairs and leading a pious life in order to achieve gnosis of some other kind or degree of union with God.
    However, orthodox Islamic teaching about self-development is quite different from the above two concepts. According to the Qur’ān and the Sunnah piety is not running away from the problems of life, nor is it attainment of union with God.

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