Michelle Jones

[Workbook] Walking On Water In My Stilettos

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Now that you're at the door ready to enter your season of CHANGE, continue your journey by answering the question, 'In what way is CHANGE knocking on my door demanding entrance,' to take that first critical step into the CHANGE that's waiting on you!

The curriculum and life lessons contained herein are living examples of how to keep your eyes on Jesus while walking on water in your stilettos (or Stacey Adams) when dealing with, handling, going through, and/or overcoming the test, trials, tribulations, issues, situations, heartaches, heartbreaks and storms that are a part of your SEASON OF CHANGE as you travel your life journey.

These series of lessons parallel the steps used when learning to walk in heels and are indicative of the steps used to strengthen a believer's faith-walk. Simply put, it is how to walk on water in your stilettos (or Stacey Adams) while encountering the storms that show up in life without warning and have the potential of drowning and consuming you or birthing YOU anew!

So, I challenge you to put on your stilettos (or Stacey Adams) because we've got work to do!

The best utilization of this workbook is to be used in conjunction with the book, “Walking on Water in my Stilettos” and the journal. Take the time to complete the lesson because they are designed to make you think, and to be honest and transparent with YOURSELF. You will learn while completing these lessons that the most important person you will encounter, learn to love, unconditionally accept, respect, and be excited to meet while experiencing the lessons is YOU!

Michelle P. Jones is the youngest daughter and child born to Rev. Cooper L. and Evang. Marva E. Bledsoe. She is the proud mother of three: DeShawn, Jeramey, and Christian, and the loving grandmother to three: Amari, Amani, and Ayden. Michelle is dedicated to sharing the message of hope, love, forgiveness, and acceptance with anyone willing to listen and believes that it is only when we first learn to give it to ourselves that we can freely give it away to others. In her spare time, Michelle loves to read, write, listen to music, and watch Sci-fi movies.
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