Deb Brown Maher

Sell Like Jesus

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Effective communication is perhaps the most fundamental skill shared in common by successful salespeople. Yet, far too often, new salespeople are released into the field with little to no training, and are not prepared to withstand the tremendous pressures they will face to compromise in their pursuit of the elusive sale. Salespeople resent buyers who take advantage of them, while buyers become alienated and walk away from salespeople who stubbornly and defensively stand their ground. A potentially profitable exchange for both degenerates into a contest of wills that ends poorly for both sides. Jesus Christ, the master communicator, shows us a better way. His conversations with friends and foes alike illustrate how to communicate effectively without compromise: showing respect, building trust, and standing one's ground in a way that nurtures relationships rather than breeding resentment and division.
In this inspiring and informative book, Deb Brown Maher unpacks seven characteristics of Jesus' method of interacting with people and shows how to apply them to totally transform the way people approach a sale, pursuing sales conversations with honesty and integrity, and demonstrating equal concern for the needs of potential buyers. Discover the importance of character, connection, clarity, comprehension, certainty, choice and commitment—and learn to sell like Jesus!
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