Jennifer Faris

Yoga Kids: Empowering Kids to Love & Learn Through Yoga (Mindfulness Therapy)

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Many numerous books have been already written about inexhaustible depths of yoga, but it still has very simple, though important features which are related to our kids, the youngest “enlightened” people, as well. Yoga for children will provide a good backbone, that means good posture and health. Yoga brings the attention concentration – that is, academic success. Yoga will help the natural children's activity to find its way out in a wonderfully simple manner. Moreover, it is a perfect form of communication between kids and their parents. Using this book, children can practice yoga by themselves or under the adults’ supervision. The pictures showing how to do the exercises step by step, simple and definite description of asanas will help your kid to easily learn the science of knowing the own body and to grow spiritually as well.

“The child's health is one of the fundamental values of the parents. Yoga for children becomes more and more popular, first of all, because it is not a means of sport. A child will never get hurt if he does all the exercises smoothly, not too fast, according to the recommendations and rules. Moreover, a person practicing yoga brings positive changes not only to his physical body but the mind and soul.”

There is evidence that children practicing yoga get ill less often, study better and have fewer communication problems with their peers. First of all, I address my book to parents and kids wishing to understand the Yoga secrets and ready to get mutual understanding and health! So, let's go!

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