Leading Past Perception: Helping Leaders Make a Difference, Nakia Melecio
Nakia Melecio

Leading Past Perception: Helping Leaders Make a Difference

179 printed pages
Perception is reality. Reality is perception. In any case, in order to improve group communications and dynamics, it is necessary to have the crucial conversations that are too often avoided. While perceptions are not harmful, for the most part, if not managed well, they could ignite destructive behaviors, which lead to negative outcomes. Perhaps one of the most powerful methods for managing perceptions is opening the lines of communication and providing constructive feedback in a timely, consistent manner. At the core of managing perceptions, which in turn manages expectations, is trust. Trust breeds the opportunity for healthy perception, exchange, and resolution.

In this book I want to develop leaders with as servant leaders, acquiring the skills and knowledge to tackle the complex challenges facing modern organizations today. Leadership can be a very challenging thing at times and more than ever we need leaders with the character, temperament, and boldness to even lead past perception.
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