Muriel's Passion, Suzie McLean
Suzie McLean

Muriel's Passion

The BetaZed sorority sisters were gorgeous, stacked…and out of work. Then Phoebe hit on the absolutely insane idea of starting their own bikini babes' carwash. Little did they know how their lives were about to change as, one by one, they met the men of their sexiest dreams while they tried to solve the mystery of a 20-year old jewelry heist!

Book 3: “Muriel”

Work on the battered old carwash that the BetaZed sorority girls had leased was going well—and for Muriel, the pleasure of working alongside her lifelong mentor was an extra thrill.

But the rugged day laborer who’d joined their small crew seemed disturbingly familiar. And even though she ached to feel his hands gliding all over her body, something about him was making Muriel’s keen senses hum with alarm.

Who was he…and why was he lurking around their sorority house every night?
72 printed pages
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