Henry James

The Beast in the Jungle

64 printed pages
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  • Bianca Rodriguezhas quoted8 years ago
    most as white as wax, with the marks and signs in her face as numerous and as fine as if they had been etched by a needle, with soft white draperies relieved by a faded green scarf on the delicate tone of which the years had further refined, she was the picture of a serene and exquisite but impenetrable sphinx, whose head, or indeed all whose person, might have been powdered with silver. She was a sphinx, yet with her white petals and green fronds she might have been a lily too—only an artificial lily, wonderfully imitated and constantly kept, without dust or stain, though not exempt from a slight droop and a complexity of faint creases, under some clear glass bell
  • Bianca Rodriguezhas quoted8 years ago
    Her dying, her death, his consequent solitude—that was what he had figured as the Beast in the Jungle, that was what had been in the lap of the gods
  • Bianca Rodriguezhas quoted8 years ago
    f, and that would perhaps overwhelm you."

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