Zoltan Gabor Lukacs

Noah's Ark in the XXI. century

We are on a threshold of a new era when we need new energies.

How will this shift from the old to the new happen?
What has the Bible, and what have the ancient prophecies and wisdom of India have to tell us about all this?
Is it possible that we have the solution in our hands from thousands of years ago?
Is it possible that in our life we all have started to build our own ark?

Noah’s Ark in the XXI. century, new book of Zoltán Gábor Lukács has been released. This book is the first one of a new book series, Akasha conversations and discloses very deep connections. It reveals the results of my contemplation and research from the past years and decades. Let’s push the limits of our knowledge and imagination. Think of the story of Noah’s ark as the steps of rebirth, pregnancy and the opening of a new world. Let’s allow ourselves to loosen up the walls of our existing frame system for a moment. Is it possible that we have the solution in our hands from thousands of years ago? Is it possible that in our life we all have started to build our own ark?

This book presents a fully new and unexplored approach and interpretation of the biblical flood. It gives a more complete understanding of the main drivers of our life. It reveals where our ship is sailing on the sea of life, what is waiting for us in the final port and how can we go on from that point. As it is written in the Bible, this is the end of times we live in, and the old world has worn out. A new energy is coming, a new era is waiting for us. Let’s go on this way, our ship is waiting for us to set sail and rely on the cosmic wind.

Is it possible to have the opportunity soon to embark on Noah’s new ark that comes for us in the XXI. century?

Noah’s Ark in the XXI. century is the first volume of the book series called Akasha Conversations. The upcoming volumes will be about the various topics of the lectures.

About the author
Zoltán Gábor Lukács, economist, researcher of India, writer, interpreter, leader and founder of Palm Leaf Reading International.
He has a special life purpose of visiting ancient Indian sacred places and the libraries of palm leaves as a researcher. He is invited to special places to make movies and record information where widely known mainstream media, newspapers and movie channels are prohibited to enter. As only the chosen ones are allowed to such holy places which are protected by guardians. The keepers of the leaves and gurus are aware from his palm leaf that his mission is connected with those places. He writes his books upon the request of the gurus. He is permitted to reveal some very special details that were hidden from the world so far.
Married, father of a son, lives in the Pilis mountain, a sacred place of Hungary, prefers tea clear and curry hot.
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