Judy Meyers

Oral Sex To Blow Your Man's Mind

Revised Edition With Graphics
New Bonus Chapter: Giving The Perfect Hand Job

* Have you ever wanted to be in complete control of your man?
* Do you want to have him at your beck and call at any time with the complete confidence that he will never look at any other woman?
* This can happen for you if you know how to give blow jobs that are simply out of this world!
* The type of blow jobs that will almost give him an out-of-the-body experience is what this book is all about.
Oral sex may not come naturally to you, but with this book in your hands, you will literally perform wonders!

You will give him what he wants and still have a great time too. From basic blow job techniques to more advanced moves, Oral Sex To Blow Your Man’s Mind! Will teach you how to use your power to satisfy him and also please yourself at the same time.

Once you start practicing the techniques in this book, you will become one of the few women who can really give great blow jobs. Your relationship with rise to a new level, and your man will look at you with a new eye.

WARNING: This book is for people who are not averse to oral sex or erotic language. The language is very explicit and will get you sexually excited.

It has been kept as short as possible but it contains all that you need to perfect your sexual prowess and take your man to heights beyond his dreams.
25 printed pages
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