Reincarnation, Paul Roland
Paul Roland


Do you ever feel a strange affinity to a particular time period or profession, or recall flashes of another life that you can't explain?
Reincarnation — the belief that we are all reborn many times — lies at the heart of many of the oldest religions, philosophies, and faiths. It is being recognized by more and more people today as the truth behind who we really are.
If you want evidence of reincarnation, you'll find it within these pages. Read about the children who identified long-dead family members from photographs they had never seen before, the sisters who could remember how they died, and the man who was a Confederate colonel in the American Civil War and still has the scars to prove it.
This book also includes:
• A self-regression exercise to help you find out who you once were
• Instructions to identify the physical symptoms of past-life trauma
• Out of body experiences, near death experiences, and how to heal the past
• Exclusive interviews with Carol Bowman, one of America's foremost past-life regression therapists, and celebrity regression specialist Lee Everett, who reveals some of the past lives of Elton John and Brian May
341 printed pages


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