John Sanford,Donald Trump,Andrew Scobell,Daniel A. Pinkston,Strategic Studies Institute U.S. Congress

The True Military Power of North Korea

North Korea is a country of paradoxes and contradictions. Although it remains an economic basket case that cannot feed and clothe its own people, it nevertheless possesses one of the world's largest armed forces. This book provides the facts regarding the true force of North Korean Army and gives an assessment of its capability to harm the United States.
North Korea's Military Threat
Conventional Forces
Unconventional Forces
Overall Conclusions
The North Korean Ballistic Missile Program
DPRK National Strategy and Motivations
Historical Background of DPRK Missile Development
Institutional Setting
U.S. Government Policy Toward North Korea
Countering the North Korean Threat (New Steps in U.S. Policy)
Pressuring North Korea (Evaluating Options)
President Donald Trump on Current Crisis on the Korean Peninsula
A Message to the Congress of the United States on the Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to North Korea
Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to North Korea
Statement from the President on North Korea's Second ICBM Launch
Statement by President Donald J. Trump on North Korea
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