Timothy Moore,Thomas a'Kempis

The Imitation of Christ, Book II

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Book II: Admonitions Concerning Interior Things.
Thomas a'Kempis advises those who want to follow Jesus to go deeper by clearing out space within themselves to find friendship with Jesus. That friendship requires an emptying of self and an acceptance of our own cross, which we carry alongside and behind His Cross.
The fictional narrative shows the reader the personal journal of Thomas, and the visitation of the Black Plague upon his monastery and village in 1421. Thomas' encounter with suffering and death take him to a confrontation that defies reality and forces him to see himself through the eyes of his mentor and then through the eyes of Christ Himself. Moore's fictional narrative sets up the writing of Book II of this Devotional Classic. Moore holds up a mirror to the twenty-first century to that of the fifteenth century, drawing parallels to our own calamitous times.
Second only to the Bible in its popularity, The Imitation of Christ takes the Disciple through the path which Chris asks us to walk. These admonitions take us deep into our interior life. We should retreat into our interior rooms and make space for Christ. The Novice Master takes us to the next level of our relationship with Jesus.
This edition of The Imitation of Christ, with comments and highlights by Tim Moore, invite the reader to an overview of each chapter and application of each meditation. Moore provides a short, fictional narrative from the point of view of Thomas, which places the reader into the mind of the Novice Master as he composes his masterwork. You can follow Tim's comments and edits through his web site at timothyedmoore.com.
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