Alan Brookes

The Corinthian Conspiracy

Excavating at ancient Corinth in Greece, American archaeologist Zack Devlin and his team discover a dead Italian soldier from World War II. This discovery leads to the unraveling of a plot that was conceived decades ago and if realized would alter the balance of power in Europe and throw the world into a perilous state of danger and instability.

As the impending coup launches, a team of criminals set out to hunt Devlin down and kill him. Devlin, determined to stop the plotters, flees from Corinth and battles his way from Delos through Crete to Santorini. He fights and plots to allude his adversaries and reach Athens in time to reveal the deadly plot. With the help of friends along the way, Devlin arrives in Athens, but is he in time to stop the Corinthian Conspiracy?

Ancient scenes and modern events weave a tapestry portraying the continual struggle between freedom and slavery in this novel, a composite of fiction and reality playing out in today's world.
401 printed pages


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