Tania Van Pelt

Sheet Cake Diet

Time to discover and recover our own power and possibility. This book teaches resiliency. It’s this resiliency that gets us through depression, tragedy, trauma, and difficult days. 
Most of us want to know we're not alone, that there is a manageable, navigable path to a better life. We want to feel good and we want to process our pain in ways that help us self-heal. We can change behavior and thought patterns. These simple acts of change can support a more engaging and interesting life. This book is an easy-to-follow guide to feeling better.
It may feel impossible to build any sort of positive momentum given everything we’re up against daily. However, we can. Positive momentum begins with a tiny act, a series of small actions that build into something bigger. Sheet Cake Diet teaches how to build that momentum. Complete with exercises to help build your resilience muscles, this book shows you how to discover your own power and gives you another chance to be more fully you.
233 printed pages
Original publication



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