E. M. Delafield Premium Collection: 6 Novels in One Volume

This carefully crafted ebook: “E. M. Delafield Premium Collection: 6 Novels in One Volume” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents.

“Zella Sees Herself” (1915) – Zella is a beautiful orphan who must come to terms with her mother’s death in a largely hostile world. The Novel is largely autobiographical and the first written work of E. M. Delafield.

“The War-Workers” (1918) – The travails of working in a Supply Depot under the tyrannical control of Charmain Vivian, who meets her match in a newly arrived clergyman's daughter Grace Jones.

“Consequences” (1919) – A young woman entering a convent. Its heroine, Alex Clare, refuses to marry the only young man to make her an offer of marriage, and, finding herself regarded as a failure by society, must resort to convent life.

“Tension” (1920) – Pauline Marchrose is a successful candidate, a woman claiming to be 28 but probably in her early thirties, when women are only beginning to fight for their rights and for equal opportunities.

“The Heel of Achilles” (1921) – A middle-class young woman Lydia Raymond who intends to marry “above her” during the first world war in England while her daughter Jane rebels against her.

“Humbug: A Study in Education” (1922) – The protagonist Lilly is a charming character who in spite of believing in the goodness of things is bogged down by her family and society to conform.

E. M. Delafield (1890–1943) was a prolific English author. She is best known for her largely autobiographical works like Zella Sees Herself, The Provincial Lady Series etc. which look at the lives of upper-middle class Englishwomen.
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