Allan Morrison

Dead Jammy!

There is an old saying that there are only two certain things in life … death and taxes. Now while taxes are no laughing matter and death is never a thing of levity, this never made Jammy Stewart a dour or overly respectful undertaker. Jammy, a Highlander by origin, was a streetwise and quick-witted purveyor of all the necessities required when some poor unfortunate had departed. In Dead Jammy! Alan Morrison has entered the funerary world of Scotland and unearthed the man that Jammy Stewart was. This is an entertaining peek into a realm of experience which, let's face it, we only get really involved with, 'the wance'! A follow up to 'Cummoangetaff!' and 'See You Jimmy!' this Besley-illustrated humour book shows how the 'terminally inconvenienced' are taken care of.
139 printed pages
Original publication


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