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Summary and Analysis of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

Darina Nazarovahas quoted9 months ago
She recommends arriving early so there’s time to scope out the territory.
Darina Nazarovahas quoted9 months ago
It’s also important—and useful—to note that, regardless of their inherent differences, introverts and extroverts seem to appreciate one another’s styles. In a study conducted by developmental psychologist Avril Thorne that gathered introverts and extroverts together in conversation, first with their own “type” and then with the other, Thorne found both sides helped each other out. Introverts talking to extroverts tended to choose topics that were lighter and less personal while extroverts talking to introverts seemed a bit more relaxed and less interested in performing for their audience.
Darina Nazarovahas quoted9 months ago
Asendorpf and Wilpers were correct in their assumption that the extroverts would make more friends than the introverts, but what they didn’t expect to find was the quality of the friendships the introverts made. Relationships fostered by supposedly antisocial introverts were far more harmonious than those of the extroverts.
Tatjana Kolodinskajahas quotedlast year
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