Eric Van Lustbader

Second Skin

SHADOW WARRIOR. The ancient Japanese art of death is practiced by a select few. Of those young men who are chosen to train in the way of the shadow warrior, most will fail. Those who pass these trials, the Ninja, become the silent assassins, lonely guardians, and unseen watchers of legend. But rarer still are those masters of the shadow craft, the Shiro – those whose fearsome abilities are matched only by their rigid code of honour. Men like Nicholas Linnear…

SECOND SKIN. Two warriors bound by blood, divided by honour… As a youth, Nicholas Linnear chose the path of the Ninja, placing tradition and honour above all. Many of his blood-brothers fell by the wayside – death has claimed them, as it claims all men. But one of his brothers abandoned this path to pursue a life of greed and corruption. Trained in the way of the shadow warrior, but lacking the code that guides the true Ninja. And this man has never forgotten Linnear…

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