Burning, Lori Lacefield, Fiona Campbell, Pat Moore, Will Patching, Peter Oxley, Michael Peirce, Dana Lyons, Carla Day, Craig Hart, Marcus Cook, Peter Ellis, Simon Bewick, Simon Finnie, Tom Goymour
Lori Lacefield,Fiona Campbell,Pat Moore,Will Patching,Peter Oxley,Michael Peirce,Dana Lyons,Carla Day,Craig Hart,Marcus Cook,Peter Ellis,Simon Bewick,Simon Finnie,Tom Goymour


If you woke up with a gun in your face, what would you do?
Plagued by mysterious dreams which are quickly becoming a real-life nightmare, where would you turn?
What was the real truth behind the Iraqi invasion and the search for WMDs?
What if the one person you relied on to keep you safe, instead became your jailer?
Forced to confront the mistakes of your past, where would you hide?
14 original stories with one red-hot connection… Burning.
Thrillers to shock. Thrillers to excite. Thrillers to challenge and make you think.
An anthology of 14 original short stories by a collection of outstanding thriller writers.
Craig Hart’s “Loose Ends” thrusts a wise-cracking PI into the center of a deadly—and highly personal—case.
In Fiona Campbell’s “From a Flicker to a Flame”, a woman finds herself trapped, a prisoner in a loveless marriage.
In “The Five Votive Candles of Joe Wray” by Simon Bewick, Joe Wray is a husband, a father, a brother and a business owner. They all need his protection. He doesn’t have a prayer.
A mysterious man sparks unexplainable fires in Carla Day’s “Scintillation”, where a woman’s dreams may be the clue to saving the world.
The dark and seedy underbelly of the City of London is exposed in Will Patching’s “Old Flame”: a tale of lust, greed and a decidedly nasty twist.
The repercussions of the Iraq war and memories of WMDs plague the characters of Dana Lyons’ “Fire and Brimstone”, with a weapon which could truly be the end of all things.
In “Ava Edison and the Burning Man”, by Marcus Cook, a thief with an unlikely accomplice faces a race against time to get a priceless jewel for a ruthless client.
Tom Goymour’s “Circle of Friends” finds a man and his long-forgotten friends being forced to finally confront the mistakes of their youth.
In Peter Ellis’ “Reprogrammed”, a woman wakes in a strange warehouse with terrifying new abilities, but with no knowledge of how she got there.
The hero of Michael Peirce’s “Accidental Operator” unwittingly becomes the key member of a new, highly deadly team of mercenaries.
“Valley of the Shadow” by Pat Moore is a moving exploration of love and loss, where those left behind suffer more than the ones they mourn.
Lori Lacefield’s “The Fire Keeper” follows Frankie Johnson, an FBI Profiler, as she tries to decode a terrifyingly macabre fire ritual, before the killers strike again.
Free will, morality and redemption lie at the heart of Simon Finnie’s “Burning”, as a Professor is forced to confront the mistakes of his youth.
And finally, in Peter Oxley’s “Burning Greed”, a thief simply has to battle through a burning island to steal the score of his life: what could possibly go wrong?
Burning — bringing destruction or a new beginning? To find out, get Burning: An Anthology of Short Thrillers — now!
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