Deborah Randazzo


The book, Sarah starts out as being true, unconditional love between two women. Sarah and Deb met on a dating web
site and through many texts and a few phone calls, they fell deeply in love. There was one setback, Sarah keep asking Deb
for money for her business shipment and Deb not thinking, because she was so much in love with her, kept sending her
more and more money. Sarah mentioned she was packing to come home to meet Deb, she then said to her I need more
money for the insurance for the shipment, this is when Deb finally suspected she was being Catfished….

The book, Sarah is written in great detail, for reasons to assist others on dating website to see what is real and what is
fake. It's a book for both women and men to read. It is a true story!!!
405 printed pages
Original publication



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