Jack Volante

A Wizard's Good Misfortune

Porrello is a wizard who has devoted his life to making familiars. But when he uncovers a rogue wizard performing forbidden magic, Porrello sets aside his day-job to save his world.

Unfortunately, his grandchildren decide to visit him whilst he is in the middle of conjuring a powerful spell, causing it to backfire spectacularly. This leads to four characters from Earth's past being teleported into Porrello's world:

A restless knight from medieval England.
A zealous warrior-woman from ancient Turkey.
A female ninja from feudal Japan.
And a cocky young cowboy from nineteenth-century California.

Brought together by this accident, the four strangers discover that they must help Porrello — and his grandchildren — stop the rogue wizard within seven days or the spell that brought them to this realm will expire, along with their lives.

A traditional fantasy adventure featuring skeletons, orcs, wizards, and a flatulent giant.

221 printed pages
Original publication
Jack Volante



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