White Death – Stage 1, Tim Vicary
Tim Vicary

White Death – Stage 1

40 printed pages
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Audio del libro en http://papyrefb2.net/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=23346&sta rt=0 Heroin kills. But before it kills, heroin changes people. It changes your friend into your enemy; it changes someone you love into a stranger. Heroin kills the body – but first it kills the heart.Anna Harland thinks that she knows her daughter, Sarah. She knows that Sarah does not  sell heroin. But love can change people, too. And Sarah is in love – with a stranger. Why did she have heroin in her bag? Was she carrying it for her boyfriend?Someone is going to die – but who? The person who uses the heroin? The person who sells it? Or a young girl who never touches it? Heroin is the White Death. And, if it can, the White Death is going to kill them all.
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