Edward Henry


This is the story of a young man, Derek, who grows up with the ability to do whatever he puts his mind to. He can learn new skills quickly and shows a particular talent for music. Sadly, he only finds hate and discontent at every stage and level of his life as a child and young man. He grows up in a time when being smart, intelligent, and a quick learner is detrimental to his good nature and generosity.
Derek goes through life as an honest kid. His mom, the rock of his life, turns out to be the first hater in his life. As he ages and goes from being a hockey player and musical prodigy to working in the nuclear and military fields, he learns many valuable lessons about being flexible and going with the flow. After living off the Alaskan frontier later in life, things are finally looking up. Derek has hopes that being a generous, good person will finally pay off. This good fortune leads Derek to a tragic ending that makes a statement about the government and how certain people disappear mysteriously when they have valuable information.
Derek’s journey is one of disappointment and good times. He’s a young man who suffers the consequences of a corrupt system.
199 printed pages
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