Kim Sands,Lambert Sands

The Real Truth About Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage: The Truth No One Wants to Tell You But The Truth That You Desperately Need To Know!

Divorce and remarriage are perhaps two of the most controversial doctrinal topics of our time. With many on each side claiming that they are right, it is difficult sometimes to discern the truth. Living in a time of delusion, lies, and a famine of truth that threaten the very foundation of Christianity, Lambert and Kim Sands provide a fresh and insightful approach to this age-old doctrinal dilemma. In this book, they scripturally and skillfully defend the truth and sanctity of marriage. It may not be the truth that you want to hear, but it is the truth that will lead to genuine understanding and spiritual freedom. Written delightfully in layman's language, it is a must read for the minister of God as well as the inquisitive heart that yearns to know the truth.
53 printed pages
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