Pawel Kozycz

Masters of Life and Universe

Superfast cloning self-replicating technology for urban, cosmological, medical purposes as salvage or hecatomb for an entire civilization, Earth, space. Explosion speed of two-way( for macro and micro versions) development of cell robotic mega towns for shaping our life and the whole environment — the universe in harmony with natural technology(like a cell or big bang!) path of development.

​​​​​​Pawel Kozycz — Independent futuristic writer. Project about new concepts of use economically, technologically tools for reshaping environment for ecologic and development goals by space explorations, medical matters. Books “ Masters of life and universe”, “100 verses for life and space re-creation”, «Neo Creation of Life and Space/Matter or Bricks of Micro Drone Revolution”.

117 printed pages
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Pawel Kozycz
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