Kairen Cullen

Introducing Child Psychology

Embrace the ups and downs of parenting.

Guided by experts in children’s development, explore new approaches to parenting, understand how they can benefit your family and learn how to put them into practice straight away.

Accepting that every child is unique, and that parenting is a continuous learning process, educational psychologist and parenting expert Dr Kairen Cullen explains how best to understand your child and respond to their needs.
175 printed pages
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    Dina Norsholatihas quoted5 years ago
    All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
    Leo Tolstoy
    zinniahas quoted2 months ago
    Teachers should try to provide lots of play-based learning in well-equipped, rich and stimulating environments for children in the sensori-motor stage (below two years of age). Children in the pre-operational and concrete operational stages (two to seven and seven to eleven respectively) need increasingly challenging learning activities that involve opportunities to classify, sort, order, locate and conserve using concrete objects. Children of eleven years and above need to be presented with complex and increasingly abstract and moral social issues and be allowed to reflect, research and discuss. Over time, the levels of adult support should decrease in order to help them to become increasingly independent and self-directing in their learning and problem-solving.

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