Em,Siobhan Carroll,Aubrey Campbell,Bruce Golden,Damien Mckeating,Dana M. Evans,Holly Scholfield,J.L. Bell,Kate Sheeran Swed,L.G. Keltner,Mike Barretta,Rachel Delaney Craft,Roan Clay,Shelia Crosby,Sherry D. Ramsey,Wendy Nikel,anne m. gibson

Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide Volume V

What’s it like to live in a world where humor is banned or to work on a deep-space lighthouse?
If you’re lucky, you might even discover how to escape the Yawning Men!

Curl up in your favorite rocket ship and set your coordinates for adventure in Volume Five of the Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide!

Don't miss this stellar anthology of 24 science fiction short stories for girls, boys and robots of all ages!
402 printed pages
Original publication



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