Hannah Boggs

Violent Delights

When seventeen year old Odette Sinclair and her family move across the country to be closer to the specialized medical care she needs, she has to give up everything she knew including pursuing her passion for dance.  The atrial septal defect she has keeps her isolated and, for the most part, sidelined from life as she attempts to avoid the triggers that cause her problems.  As a stranger in a new town, isolated and alone, Odette dreads her monotonous daily routine and struggles to balance what she can't do with what she wants to do.
But then she meets the wealthy neighbors, the famous magical Mages Twins, Greer and Grayson, who instantly befriend her, and she is caught up in a world she could not have imagined.  Their talent is so real that some say the twins are pure magic; others say they are cursed.
The handsome and somewhat socially awkward Grayson takes a personal interest in protecting Odette, and she is enamored by the attention of someone so famous.  Greer is welcoming and seeks to include Odette, but she is very protective of her brother.
Everything seems to be improving more than she expected but something isn’t quite right.  Since their arrival in this new place, Odette’s dreams begin to reveal something extra, something gives her cause for concern.  She discovers the dreams are revealing truths, and what she fears may be true.
Nothing good lasts forever.  As Odette begins to settle into her new life things start to spiral out of control, and she needs to come to terms her life has become a waking nightmare that she can't escape.  She must reach deep to find a way to pull through this, and, just when it seems to get better it's not, and she has to make a deal for her life.
331 printed pages
Original publication
Hannah Boggs



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