Shooting Script, Gavin Lyall

Shooting Script

'I don't know if you're working for Jiminez or not. But either way, the general made a mistake. You should've been in jail. Now you're loose, and that worries me. Because you're still a killer…'Flying charter around the Caribbean wasn't quite the same as flying in Korea, but it was still a living and Carr had built up a solid reputation over the years and managed to keep his hands clean- something he believed you needed to do in that part of the world. But when he is almost brought down by mercenary pilots flying for the newly instated La Republica government, and they make approaches, as do the FBI, he realises that it is inevitable that things will get a bit messy. But with work drying up, and the fact that an old war buddy is flying for La Republica, he finds what he sees as an escape from the conflict, flying a camera-plane for a major Hollywood movie.First published in 1966, Shooting Script was Gavin Lyall's fourth novel.
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Thriller & Crime

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Shooting Script, Gavin Lyall
Shooting Script

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