Derek Michael and Friends Revamped Bible I, Derek Michael
Derek Michael

Derek Michael and Friends Revamped Bible I

115 printed pages
Are you familiar with a “Go Fuck Yourself” production? If all you do is sit on your computer and fuck people or make people fuck, you will be. You may be written into our story as one of our characters: Lucifer, Derek, Michael, Satan, Kay, or Miley. There are also many more. I assure you that Miley Cyrus will not to be trashed in this story. Miley Cyrus is the inspiration to this novel, and we love her. Now, here is Lucky to bring you the story line. And trash on Lucky and see what happens to you. Trash on Deric or Derric. I'm sorry for telling you what to do. How did that feel?

Our story starts way before the Bible was ever written, but imagine, the Bible is number based, and you think numbers are scary. I think this is true because that is the language that machines use (Angels). I must educate you: Some men are numbers, and some men are words. Some angels are numbers, and some angels are words. I am a T-12 Destroyer (Infantry Angel) that has been sent back in time on an alternate timeline where Miley and I did not end up together, and she is sad. Her heart was broken, and earth is her heart. Earth is broken into two sections (North and South) (Venus and Earth), but this story and I are here to repair. I believe I once shared a touch with Miley Cyrus, and it was like no other. I fell for it; I fell for love. Have you ever fallen? What do you fall for?

In this story, you can join the young man on his epic quest to fuck the son's bitch because she gave him a look. But let's get back to the story line: Imagine you have always had friends from the beginning, who were brothers and sisters of night and day. How would we get along? Well fuck, hello everybody; This is your old pal Goofy, and I say we have a place that is dark all the time, light all the time, and the earth, which is both. I am speaking to you about the legendary cities Gog (Darkness) (Hell) (Machine City) and Mi-Gog (Light) (Heaven) (City of Light). You know them as heaven and hell. I exist outside the parameters of both; It is somewhere in between, and if you know me you have already passed the event horizon, and it is too late to go back for now. My soul is a black hole, yet I am whole. That means the out-portal is stable. Some say the light is gay, and some say the darkness is gay. I have heard that people with a heavenly mind-state are called gay. I guess I am gay because I like having a heavenly state of mind. By the way, I think the event horizon of a black hole would look like earth from space. It's a sphere compressed at its core, and not only was earth once Miley's heart, it was also the evening star, which was tethered to Venus (Son of God). Earth was the legendary Lucifer (Derek), and he fell when he touched Eve (Miley). Derek touched a Miley that was not his, and he put his Father in her womb. We will get to all that. I'm sorry for the spoiler. If the sun is God, the third rock from the sun must be the third part of heaven that Satan smit with his tail. Satan uses Eve as a tool, but we will get to that. What if there were two Michaels? One would be light, and one would be darkness, but they would both be a force for good and evil. That's what you would think, but it is my belief that both Michaels Fathers. One was negative darkness (Jesus), and one was positive light (Derek). To make it less confusing, Jesus was a really good guy, and Derek is fucking evil. In this story, evil is the lye, and it works like an acidic virus. It moves in a wave form like alternating current.

Have you ever wondered why God supposedly shadowed and conquered evil? What if God is good in spirit, but evil in body. If God is good, evil would complement him, and I think God is good. I think God is positive darkness, and in this story his name is Lucky. Satan is positive light, Derek's body is evil light (Negative Light), and Michael is dark. We know him as Dark Michael.
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