Thomas Rogers,Graham McLennan


The one hundred and sixty years-old controversy triggered by Darwin's Theory of Evolution, is drawing closer to an end.  The newly developed life-science outlined in Darwin's Replacement reveals more factors to help end this heated debate.
With basics simple enough for fifth-graders to understand, this new life-science of Atomic Biology shows how we are amazingly made and cared for by a Super-Intelligent force.  Our Governments and the majority of our citizens call this force, “God.”
Because super-intelligence (far beyond the capabilities of mankind) is now shown to be essential for building our cell-parts, and evolution by definition has no intelligence to use, Darwinisms are now out of the running for explaining the true cause of life.
With input from 45 scholars, the essentiality for super-intelligent works in creating and maintaining living entities, including us, is now 'proven'.  The three Nobel Prize Winners in Chemistry 2016 received this prestigious award for producing a few simple molecular machines that can be stimulated to move with ultra-violet light.  It took them 33 years and the best units they can make are almost infinitely more simplistic than the simplest of the 40 different molecular machines constructed for our new cells every day of the week.
'Macro-Evolution', by definition having no intelligence to use, is now shown to be not the true cause of life.  Therefore, Darwin's theory should be moved to the history department as soon as possible.
Textbooks for grade five through university are now in development.
The potential benefits and values of this new life-science are numerous including improvements in food production, nutrition, physical and mental health, tax savings, and more.
25 printed pages
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