Annalee Newitz

Scatter Adapt And Remember

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Two hundred and fifty million years ago, 95 percent of the species on Earth perished. Sixty-five million years ago, a meteor strike destroyed the dinosaurs and pretty much every other organism bigger than about fifteen pounds. Now another mass extinction is coming. This book is about how our species can survive it. Scatter, Adapt, and Remember makes a powerful argument about humans' ability to survive at a time when many scientists and media commentators are hell-bent on preaching the opposite. Environmental cynicism rules public policy, and apocalyptic stories about zombie death plagues rule the world of fiction. Its a time of tremendous uncertainty, and Scatter, Adapt, and Remember offers a note of pragmatic, scientifically grounded, and humorous optimism to the current public conversation about our collective future. Readers will be equippedscientifically, intellectually, and even emotionallyto face challenges that promise to be far greater than contemporary humans have yet encountered.
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