Suse Pears

slip/stream iteration 1

Lev is a man with a past, a man with many names and many faces. He has adapted to his space-faring ways: his skills and knowledges stored safely in his neural network, his longevity and anonymity assured due to state of every art technology. His wild days are behind him. He spends his time cruising between the stars, alone on an enormous ship apart from a cyborg and the Intelligence who runs the ship. He's had enough of Humanity. He's looking for quiet. He's looking for peace. He's retired now. Yet nothing is what it seems. His neural network – and everything he remembers being – is slowly failing. There are secrets hidden inside his head that even he can't access any more. Lev may have left his past behind, but his past has never let go. Soon, it will find him and remind him of what he once was, what he was capable of once and what he will be again…
354 printed pages
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