A New Believer's Bible Commentary: The Prophets, Judy Barrett
Judy Barrett

A New Believer's Bible Commentary: The Prophets

422 printed pages
A New Believer's Bible Commentary: The Prophets is designed to simplify the Bible's teachings so that anyone can understand. The prophets preach during times when the Jewish people are misbehaving and need to be led back to God. They teach us what God does not like, as well as how to return to Him. They also teach us about God judging sin. While we have a God of mercy, He is also an upright judge who does eventually judge those who hurt others. In these books you will find descriptions of what societies look like when God has had it with them, and what He does about it. You will notice, at times, similarities between our culture today and theirs. At other times you will note that our culture is still relatively mild compared to what has been done in the past, which does not make our sins acceptable, but only brings out why we are not yet seeing God step in as He has done in the past. In applying these teachings to your life you will learn what God truly wants and how to become closer to Him.
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