Someday My Prince, Christina Dodd
Christina Dodd

Someday My Prince

309 printed pages
The Princess Must Marry
Princess Laurentia leads a fairy-tale life, attending glittering balls and wearing beautiful gowns. But after the ball is over, Laurentia finds herself getting into bed…alone. She dutifully agrees to choose a husband, but when she casts her eyes over her sea of suitors, she doesn't see a single man worthy enough to claim her.
But Who Will She Choose?
Then suddenly, she is swept off her feet by Prince Dominick, soldier of fortune, black sheep of his family…and the man hired to protect her. He's brazen enough to steal her kisses, yet tender enough to soothe her with one touch. He makes no promises, speaks no vows of forever…yet Laurentia can't help but hope that her prince has finally arrived.
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