Lindsey Hooper

Hemingway's Cats

—Ernest Hemingway

Inspired by the true story of the famous six-toed felines of the Ernest Hemingway House in Key West, Florida—and the  hurricane that nearly blew them away—Hemingway’s Cats is a delightful novel full of romance, humor, and lots and lots and lots of cats . . .
Laura Lange didn’t come to Key West to fall in love. As a recent college grad—with a useless degree in English—she came to work at the historic Hemingway home as a tour guide. Why not? She wrote her thesis on the iconic author. She has no other job offers. And she’s desperate. Now Laura is falling desperately in love—with the fifty-four frisky felines who freely roam the estate. These descendants of Hemingway’s original cat have not only stolen her heart—they’re changing her life in ways she never imagined . . .
First there’s Nessie, the bushy-tailed “house mother” of the cats who seems to have adopted Laura, too. Then there’s grumpy old Pawpa Hemingway; the cat thieves Chew-Chew and Whiskey; the big-pawed Boxer and Bullfighter; and dozens of darling kittens. The locals are lovable, too. Laura’s having a great time with her boy-crazy bungalow roomies, the Crabb sisters, and especially the young, handsome cat keeper, Jake. But Laura’s summer of fun is about to take an unexpected turn—a Category 5 hurricane is about to make landfall directly on their doorstep . . .
They can’t possibly evacuate fifty-four cats. So Laura, Nessie, and all of their friends decide to hunker down in the Hemingway House to weather this storm—together.
“Sweet, funny, and charming. You’ll fall in love with these adorable kitties and colorful Key West characters.”
—MELINDA METZ, bestselling author of Talk to the Paw
299 printed pages
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