Warren Olson

Chasing the Dragon

WHEN KENNY backs a winner at the races his life turns upside down. A holiday in Thailand turns into a nightmare when he tangles with the Triads, leading to murder, maiming and a mad dash with a bag of cash to a drug-running middleman on the border.

CHASING THE GOLDEN DRAGON is a cracking adventure written by Thailand's most famous private investigator, Warren Olson.

Olson became the first Westerner to manage a major Hotel in Thailand’s vast North-east region when he took over at the Tarin Hotel in Surin, near the Thai –Cambodian border early in the 1990’s. He soon built up a range of contacts along with becoming fluent in the local dialects. He established a fledgling investigation company that over the ensuing decade built up a reputation for getting results. This was not so much due to any law enforcement training, but more his ability to sit in up-country homes, eat grasshoppers, drink rice whiskey and converse with the locals in their own language. Following the birth of his daughter, having by that time dodged a few bullets Olson decided to repatriate to his native New Zealand. He completed a Masters degree in Strategic Studies at Victoria University and wrote an award winning research paper on the Investigative Interviewing of Asians. Today he lectures in that area, along with managing his young daughter’s highly successful football team.
281 printed pages

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