We delve into Psychology of the Unconscious(2023 Revision)

We delve into Psychology of the Unconscious(In English, 2023 Revision).
Carl Gustav Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist. In 1902, he obtained his medical doctorate from the University of Zurich. He conducted extensive research under the supervision of psychologist Eugen Bleuler, who was a professor at the university. While collaborating with Freud, he began to study psychology in-depth. In 1908, at the age of 34, he co-founded the International Psychoanalytic Society with Freud. In 1912, after publishing \'Transformation and Symbolism of the Libido\', he ended his professional relationship with Freud due to differences in their views on the unconscious mind. At the age of 44 in 1918, he further developed his theory of in-depth psychology, introducing the concept of the \'collective unconscious.\' To study archetypes in the collective unconscious, he conducted comparative research in cultural and religious history. In 1930, he presented a paper that discussed the theoretical considerations of prototypes. In 1935, he organized and led the Eranos Conference, a gathering of scholars from around the world. Focusing on the influence of the collective unconscious\'s prototypes on personality and self-awareness, he immersed himself in the study of alchemy. In 1948, the Jung Institute was established in Zurich, Switzerland. In 1953, the complete English edition of his works was published. \'Psychology of the Unconscious\' was written in 1912 when Jung was 38 years old. Jung explores the unconscious world by analyzing Miss Miller\'s fantasy system. Through a transcendent desire that surpasses time and space, he seeks to understand the nature of human conflicts. By uncovering the common threads connecting ancient times, he expands the understanding of the unconscious and develops intellectual insight. This book provides a concise summary of a lengthy and challenging text.
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